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Who are we?

RSU is a Uruguayan company whose objective is to facilitate the transfer, adjustment and integration of foreigners who, usually for work-related reasons, have come to live with their families in the Oriental Republic of Uruguay.

RSU came into being through the experience of our General Manager, Jenny Arocha, a Venezuelan residing in Uruguay due to the work-related transfer of her husband. She has personally lived all of the implications of moving a family and beginning a new life in Montevideo, achieving an excellent integration into Uruguayan society. Likewise, the director of Arte Propiedades Carrasco, Jose Acha, recognized a new niche, to confront the reality of various companies moving in and contracting personnel who come from other countries and require not only housing, but also a more complete service that satisfies their needs and those of their families.

Jenny and Jose have combined their experience to create Relocation Services Uruguay- RSU, with the intention of offering distinctive, comprehensive, personalized, and professional consultation that meets the objectives of the clients, generating a win-win relationship that stands the test of time.

Mission and Vision Our Team


We are a customer service oriented company with the objective of offering professional and personalized consultation to facilitate a smooth integration into a new society. We work with expatriates from all parts of the world coming to live in Uruguay.


To create a pleasant, smooth, and satisfactory experience leading expats to a thorough integration into Uruguayan society, maintaining a healthy family and a feeling of belonging in the country. To have the most qualified team composed of committed suppliers.

Our Team


Director - CEO: José Acha. Uruguayan, studied business management in UCUDAL- after experimenting at the Schools of Architecture and Engineering- he developed his professional life around real estate, having joined Arte Propiedades at 15 years of age as a collaborator. Currently he is a Partner-Director in Arte Carrasco. His expertise in the real estate sector, with over 20 years of experience, has given him a singular capacity to recognize the needs of his clients and the ability to find an excellent option that satisfies them. Married to an architect and father to two small children.


General Manager: Jenny Arocha Rincones de González. Venezuelan, Economist, with experience in managing businesses and non-profit organizations in Venezuela (Childrens' Non-profit Organization Ronald McDonald Venezuela, Telecorazón por la vida, Miranda Fundación del Niño Miranda, FIPAN, Lagunita Country Club). Residing in Uruguay since September 2012 due to a work transfer of her husband who works at an international organization. Mother of a teen.

Relocation Agents:


Beche Gardiol: Uruguayan, studied medicine and received a technician’s diploma in pneumocardiology but her passion came from real estate. She began her career at 18, and developed herself professionally as a consultant in São Paulo in the city’s leading real estate agency. Upon returning to Uruguay, she continued her career as a consultant in Barra of Maldonado, where she became a mother. She returned to Montevideo in 2002, working in other companies before becoming part of the team at ARTE in 2003 as one of the first consultants on staff. Currently she is a coordinator at Arte Carrasco.


Fabiana Estenssoro de Soriano: Bolivian, Commercial Engineer educated in Santiago, Chile, and holding a Masters in Business and Administration from the IESA Venezuela, experienced in the banking system and in administrative management at OSCASI, a large social organization in Venezuela. Due to her husband, who works in an international organization, she has lived as an expat in Venezuela, where her three children were born, and has been in Uruguay for four years.

What do we offer?

Our goal is to embody a personalized approach, adapting to the needs and requirements of each family to achieve success together.

Housing search

Housing search with assistance from consultants at Arte Propiedades and other well-known real estate companies, taking into account the client’s needs.

We will visit all of the pre-selected properties and any additional ones as necessary for a successful selection.

Negotiation of rental contract, inspection and revision of inventory. Processing and obtaining letters of intent for any repairs needed at the property. Assistance through a Notary Public as required.


Assistance in the search for educational institutions.

Visits to schools, high schools, and universities with different educational paradigms to decide on, interview, and register at the chosen school. We offer support with follow up on anything necessary for the student’s acceptance and logistical requirements (transport, uniform, extracurricular activities, etc.).

Assistance with purchases

Assistance in the purchase of furnishings and appliances needed for the home, including visits to different stores in our country.

Trips and moves

Familiarization with the country, city and neighborhood. City tour. Visit to the commercial centers and tour of the selected neighborhood. Suggestions of places to visit, beaches, cities, etc.


Delivery of reading material that may facilitate the client’s adaptation to the Uruguayan culture, for example correct word usage, food names, etc. Guidebook with information on cultural centers.

Sporting activities/ Family integration

Recreational activities for the family. Selection of sports clubs, information about them. We offer advice on the different options Uruguay offers in terms of hobbies, clubs or other interests of the client.

Selection of vehicles

Purchase of vehicle. Assistance with the purchase of vehicles in alignment with the client’s needs. Registration; processing of the same. Vehicle insurance / Others. Through reputable companies in the market, vehicle insurance and assistance is offered.

Financial and banking assistance

Bank accounts. Processing of bank paperwork in the main banks of the city. Assistance with paperwork for direct debit of payments.

International moves

Assistance contracting an international moving company and support when receiving belongings.

User access

We utilize a computerized system that permits us to store updated information about our clients, documenting everything that concerns their relocation. This tool guarantees us a well-planned, proactive, trustworthy and up-to-date service whose benefit is client satisfaction.

Medical care

Consultation on medical insurance coverage, mutual insurance companies, counselling and odontological services, emergency services.

How do we work?

Our services are offered in four integrated phases, which may be contracted individually.


Getting to know our client


Orientation phase


Assistance with relocation and adjustment


Departure from Uruguay

1. Getting to know our client

This first stage is fundamental to the process, in this phase we get to know our client and their needs very well through meetings over Skype or Facetime.

After evaluating needs, we send an email with possible housing options, schools, gyms, etc., taking notes in our user access system. It is important to begin the process of pre-selection before arrival and orientation in the country. We also send information about the country, maps of main places of interest and information of interest.

2. Orientation phase

Planning is fundamental during orientation in order for this phase to be as productive as possible and so we meet our goals. More or less time will be necessary depending on the familiarity that a client and their family may have with Uruguay and on any issues needing resolution. Our experience suggests that one week is an appropriate amount of time to accomplish this phase satisfactorily.

During this week, we will provide our client a cell phone free of charge and we will be at their service with an agenda that includes:

3. Assistance with relocation and adjustment

Assistance in finding a hotel with a corporate rate, as necessary the days before move-in to the new home.

Move-in to the new home, assistance with renting furniture and necessary equipment while awaiting arrival of personal belongings, guaranteeing appropriate condition of the same.

Guarantee of the immediate habitability of the property, considering cleanliness, fumigation, and presence of necessary appliances.

Grocery delivery service, purchase of basic products for client’s arrival at their new home, according to their needs.

We have created strategic alliances with car rental companies, available as needed to transport the family until obtaining their own vehicle, guaranteeing the best option in quality and price.

Assistance when furniture is delivered at the residence.

Installation of utilities. Electricity, water, phone, internet, alarm and home monitoring service, television with cable or antenna. Continuing support with said installations.

4. Departure from Uruguay

During this phase we can assist our clients with a successful departure from the country.

Why choose us?

  • Impeccable quality of our services
  • Confidentiality of personal and family information.
  • Client satisfaction
  • Uruguayan company, with an office in Montevideo
  • Personalized attention of our consultants: highly skilled, managerial, multicultural professionals, many of whom have experience as expats themselves.

Our relationship with and commitment to our clients and their families is permanent during their stay in the country, we offer our assistance with any helpful knowledge and necessary contacts to facilitate a happy integration into Uruguay.

We want to make our clients feel that they can rely on us as their professional, close, and dedicated partner who will always be there for whatever is required.

Information of interest

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